Storage Size Estimator

Living Room # of Appliances & Kitchen # of Miscellaneous # of
Bookcase Air conditioner Baby carriage
Bookshelves Dehumidifier Bicycle
Cabinet Dishwasher Desk
Chair, arm Freezer Fan
Chair straight Stove File cabinet, cdbd
Chair occasional Refrigerator File cabinet, 2 drw
Chair overstuffed Vacuum cleaner File cabinet, 4 drw
Chair rocking Washing machine Golf bag
Desk Dryer Hamper, clothes
Fireplace equip. Table Patio table
Lamp Chair Patio chair
Sofa, 6ft. Patio chaise lounge
Sofa, sectional/pc Bedroom # of Piano, baby grand
Sofa, loveseat Bed, bunk Piano, upright
Stereo, console Bed, double Rug, large
Table Bed, single Rug, small
Table, coffee/end Bed, king Sewing machine
TV, table-model Bed, queen Suitcase
TV, console Bed, rollaway Table, card
Wall Unit Bookshelves Table, game
Chair Trunk
Dining Room # of Bureau Box, book
Buffet, base Chest, cedar Box, legal tote
Cabinet, corner Desk Box, all-purpose
Table, dining Dresser, single Box, wardrobe
Chair, dining Dresser, double
Server Nightstand
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